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Initially introduced to a small segment of the vast world of alternative lifestyles back in 1981, I was introduced more in depth, back n 1984. Like my parents before me, the many options to choose from to better myself and my relationships has kept me devoted to my alternative lifestyle choices ever since. I consider myself to be a student. I'm proud to be a continuing, growing, and evolving seeker of education, knowledge, and experience who is also a respected coach, educator, presenter, and performance artiste. There's no question that I am a Fetishist, Dominant, Sadist, Kinkster, Rope Artist, and Bondage Enthusiast. I am also honored to be the partner, as well as wife, slave, property, and wench only to ShamanAKADaddyJeff. Together, we Co-Head the House Of Shaman. I'm most known as the Founder and Director of the Lifestyle Alternatives Artisans Centre, Guild, & Gallery in Palm Beach County, Florida. LAAC, formerly known as the Lifestyle Alternatives Centre of Palm Beach (LAC or LACPB) and an evolution of BDSM-Village (which I founded back in 1997), is a nonprofit educational and social membership organization with its own facility since 2004. LAAC has succeeded in meeting its mission to provide activities and events that supports healthy and beneficial education and resources for adult alternative lifestyles, including dynamic power exchanges, D/s, M/s, leather history, leather culture, SM, BDSM, bondage, fetishes, kinks, polyamory, fetish art, and fetish photography for kinksters. LAAC is closing its operations and facility at the end of May 2012, after almost 8 years of being open. Although I will remain active in my alternative lifestyle choices and those communities that I support, I will be focusing more on my personal health, family time, and improving the well being of both. My future efforts in adult alternative lifestyles will be geared to providing more personalized and quality education and resources through my blog, in addition to any live meetings, classes, seminars, workshops, events, and couples coaching sessions with me that will be available for scheduling. I hope that you find some value and benefit from my efforts. I look forward to the questions and discussions on my Real Shades of Grey blog.

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Education is Key… and there are many keys that open the doors to knowledge…

Do you enjoy helping those curious and exploring kinks, fetishes and dynamic power exchange relationships?

Would you be interested in helping those wanting to learn make a well-informed queries or an entry (whether just dipping a toe or jumping in full tilt boogie) from the phenom fantasies like the 50 Shades Trilogy to viable resources from trusted groups and organizations?

If you would like to help and contribute first hand experiences of your own “beginnings” or educational articles to the Real Shades of Grey Blog, please contact Domina DeManda through this blog or FetLife (where you can create a free profile on the best kinky social network)!

Fifty Shades of Grey giving bondage a bad name…

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Fifty Shades of Grey giving bondage a bad name…

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Tracking Amazon: BDSM E-books Take Over Kindle Chart

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WOW! Tracking Amazon: BDSM E-books Take Over Kindle Chart

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BDSM sexpert Andrea Renae on the reality of 50 Shades of Grey

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Real Shades of Grey… Real Resources!

The 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy continues at the top of the New York Times and Amazon’s Books Bestseller Lists and has created a phenomenon that is exciting millions of readers around the world!

What is it like to really live the shades of grey? Dominance, submission, sensual, erotic, fetishes, kinks, and dynamic energy exchange, along with SM can spice up any relationship – IF it’s embraced with knowledge and caution.

Stay tuned to find out what real people do beyond the fantasy stories written! Learn how to safely spice up your life and love with kinks and fetishes, as well as embrace a dynamic power exchange relationship. Find out the red flags to watch out for and how to optimize the joys involving D/s or M/s, as well as SM / BDSM.

Launching later in 2012, the Real Shades of Grey blog involves real people, with real experience, who are willing to share what they know and how they feel with you! RSoG will also provide personalized and quality products, services, education and resources through its blog, in addition to live meetings, classes, seminars, workshops, events and couple’s coaching sessions.

If there is anything specific that you would like to see or find through RSoG, please let us know!

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